Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Horizontal?

People have a very wide angle of vision so why not take advantage of it and why not make a horizontal social media app.

There have been many variants for photo and movie formats, for many reasons. It has had more to do with what is most natural to see than any technical limitation. If you think about your natural field of vision, you will realize that you can see a greater field horizontally than vertically.
Our eyes (and ears) are positioned horizontally to give us binocular vision (3D vision if you will).
Having human eyes placed horizontally helps us get better binocular vision (this is science) and widen our peripheral vision HORIZONTALLY because our world is most important to us horizontally.

Okay, okay, you don’t have ads but how you make money?

Yep, no ads, no ads at all and we still make money. How? It is simple, we call it Influencer Marketing. As you know, influencers promote products on their accounts and they charge per post base on their followers. It is similar to that but only difference is Selfin will own these accounts. Selfin has more than 13 accounts and some of them are Self -cars, nutrition, health, technology.

For Example,

Lets consider Self-cars and that account has 736 Stars. Who would be interested in Cars? Car companies? Yep. Lets say Mercedes-Benz (love it) wants us to publish a post for them. We create a post for them and publish it under Self-cars.
How much?
Lets say 1 Star worths $5 (per post). So 736 Stars = $3680 ($736*5 = $3680). Yuppi, we just made $3680 and everybody is happy.
- We didn’t sell your data, and you saw a post you want to see because you already followed that account. It is a CONTENT not an ad.
- Mercedes Benz made more sales and increased it’s brand awaraness Selfin made money and will continue it’s operations

How do you pay if someone is an Influencer?

First of all congraculations, now you are an Influencer. Do you remember the $3680 we just made.
Yep, so?
We get all of it, ahahahahahaha!
Just Kidding :)
We give a percentage of the money we make to our influencers. It is that simple.