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We are Selfin

A Social Media that you

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  • Horizontal

    We get it. Cropping pictures used to be—and continues to be—annoying. Now, just turn your phone sideways and be amazed by the magic.

  • Secure

    We believe you own the data and prioritize this security of your data. We don’t sell your data to third parties. Now you can sleep well!

  • Monetizable

    Every time you get a like, a follow or a share, your stars increase. Once you garner a certain level of stars, you have “Self Stars.” That’s when you are considered to be an influencer and become eligible to mint money from various posts and interactions.

  • Ad-Free

    Who wants to see an ad which has nothing to do with their interest? Not Us.

User Friendly

We have designed the simplest and most user friendly social media application on planet Earth. These are some of their intriguing features:

  • No Camera Button. Just Swipe Up, up, up!
  • Only Photos on the feed. This matters most!
  • Self-Verification. Be a verified user by earning Stars.
  • Schedule your Post. When you have no time for socializing.
  • Super Likes. Not all likes are created equal.


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